Why You Need to Use Voice Changer Website: Top 5 Reasons

Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
Eliminate punctuation issues
Make your text shine!

One of the biggest challenges faced by students and learners when writing essays entails transitioning from passive voice construction to active voice use. And with a reason. For starters, you need to create a clear distinction between the two, as well as establish the different grammar rules applicable to them respectively. 

Generally, active sentence construction is formed when the subject precedes the verb in a sentence. Passive sentences, on the other hand, are characterized by a verb coming before the subject. 


  • Active voice: Mary ate the chicken.
  • Passive voice: The chicken was eaten by tom.

Although not necessarily a grammatical mistake, passive voice can interfere with the logical flow of your texts and even confuse the reader. To put it another way, passive voice construction can make it difficult for your readers to unpack your message.

If you came here looking for an easy way of changing passive to active voice online, you are not alone. In fact, ‘how to change passive voice to active voice,’ ‘how to change from passive to active voice,’ and how to turn passive voice into active are some of the most searched phrases on leading search engines.

With the help of our voice changer website, however, you can get rid of all passive voice-related mistakes in your texts. This site leverages English grammatical rules and advanced linguistic algorithms to automatically flag passive voice phrases and suggest the best adjustments to make. It also features a suite of other features including a grammar checker, a spell checker, a punctuation checker, and a plagiarism checker, giving you a centralized platform for all your editing needs.

How Can Our Tool Can Help Improve Your Writing

Whether you are a professional writer or just another internet rumbler, chances are you are constantly trying to improve your English writing skills. Unless, of course, you don’t use texts, social media, emails, or even update your resumes, which is highly unlikely in today’s highly digitalized world.

But simple things such as changing passive voice to active voice can get complicated, especially when you are editing or proofreading your texts manually. 

Our voice changer website offers several features that help you improve your writing. Below are some of them: 

Change passive voice to active voice. The first and most obvious feature of our website is its passive voice fixture. It will help you fix passive voice by identifying who or what is performing an action in your sentences, and making them the subject.

Grammar and spelling check. The tool goes beyond fixing passive voice construction as it features a professional grammar and spelling checker. With this feature, you can identify typos, misspelled words, and common punctuation mistakes.

Tone check. There’s a whole difference between using rich vocabulary in your writing and dropping humongous words just to show off. Likewise, it is important for you as a writer to stick to a particular/contextual tone, rather than try to experiment with different tones in the same piece of writing. Along with changing from passive to active voice, the tool will ensure you strike a tone that resonates with your readers and is consistent with the genre of writing. 

Plagiarism check. Plagiarism is considered theft and fraud in almost all (if not all) genres of writing. Theft because the writer steals someone else’s ideas without proper credit and fraud because they present these stolen ideas as their own. Our tool comes with a comprehensive plagiarism checker, allowing you to catch both accidental and intentional plagiarism in advance.

Why Use Our Voice Changer Website?

Today, there are hundreds (possibly) thousands of voice-changing websites out there, all waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. Some provide the bare minimum features for basic proofreading, while others are information trawlers looking to harvest your information.

So, what sets our voice changer apart? Consider the following benefits:

Saves time. The biggest (and perhaps) most important benefit of using our website is the time-saving aspect. Unlike a human editor who may take days or weeks to manually edit a long manuscript, the application offers real-time correction and feedback. 

Versatile. Our tool is one of the most flexible and versatile voice changers on the market. It goes beyond helping you change from passive to active voice by cleaning up your writing of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. And if you are an English language learner, it offers vocabulary suggestions, letting you improve your grammar.

Accurate. The whole essence of editing and proofreading is to ensure your texts are free from any errors. Our voice changer tool uses English grammatical rules and advanced linguistic algorithms, giving it unmatched accuracy in detecting mistakes.

Free. Unlike voice changers out there that require you to pay a monthly subscription fee, our tool comes with a free-to-use version. This is especially important for students or companies working on a tight budget. What’s more, you don’t need to subscribe to any membership or even create an account with us.

24/7 Availability. Our voice changer website is available 24/7, allowing you to edit and proofread your texts anytime. What’s more, it’s cloud-hosted, making it accessible to users irrespective of their geographical location.

Who Can Use Our Voice Changer Website? 

The versatile and flexible nature of our voice changer online tool makes it ideal for all editing and proofreading tasks. Whether it’s academic papers, blog posts, emails, social media posts, or any other form of writing, the tool is equipped to handle everything.

And this brings us to the question; who can use our voice changer website?

Below, we have outlined group categories that will benefit from using our voice changer tool:

Students. On top of helping change passive to active voice, our tool will come in handy in identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in your academic papers. But that’s not the best part; it also comes with a comprehensive plagiarism checker, which flags accidental plagiarism in your academic papers before handing them in for assessment.

Teachers. Teachers and tutors are constantly sending emails, providing feedback to students, and issuing written instructions, just to mention a few. And in a world where grammar pedantry syndrome (GPS) is a thing, the last thing you want as a teacher is to send out documents that are misleading or littered with mistakes. Luckily, our fully-fledged voice changer website can help identify and correct all English grammar-related mistakes.

Journalists and bloggers. In today’s increasingly digital world,  blogs and articles have become critical components of any company’s online marketing strategy. They not only help drive traffic but also showcase your expertise in your respective field. For this to happen, however, you need to regularly post content that is free from any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. With our website, you can get rid of both simple and complex grammar errors in your writing. 

Job seekers. As a job seeker, no matter how well qualified you are, submitting a CV that’s packed with errors is the surest way of failing to secure an interview. Our online voice changer will save you the agony of manually combing through your CV by automatically identifying and correcting all potential errors.

Professionals. Our tool is also used in the corporate world by teams to ensure both their offline and online writing and communication are clear and professional.  

How to Use Our Voice Changer

Using our website to change passive voice is a four-step process. 

  1. Copy/paste your text into the tool’s online editor. 
  2. Hit the Check button and the voice changer will automatically detect all the mistakes in your texts, as well as provide suggestions on how to correct them.
  3. Apply the suggestions by clicking on the mistakes.
  4. Finish off by checking your texts for plagiarism using the free plagiarism checker.

Try our voice changer website today to ensure your documents, messages, emails, and social media posts are mistake-free, clear, and impactful.

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