Top 7 Reasons Why Using a Passive Voice Corrector Is More Beneficial Than Manual Proofreading

Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
Eliminate punctuation issues
Make your text shine!

Difficulties Correcting Passive Voice Mistakes

One area where many students and other writers have problems is the use of passive voice in their writing. For this reason, a passive voice corrector can be a valuable writing tool to assist in the editing process. In general active voice is preferable to passive voice as it makes your writing more concise, easier to understand and easier to make a connection with the reader. However, there are certain cases where using passive voice is more appropriate. For many, it is difficult just to identify when passive voice is being used, and much more so when trying to determine if the use of passive voice is appropriate, especially for those without strong English writing skills or change to passive voice online. You must be able to recognize the different situations when passive voice is acceptable and know how to change passive voice to active voice when it isn’t. Even experienced writers occasionally find passive voice slipping into their writing unintentionally. Using a passive voice checker online for change into passive voice online conversion will definitely benefit those having difficulty deciding which voice to use. It can identify the use of passive voice in text and also make suggestions on how to turn passive voice into active voice when required.

7 Reasons for Using a Passive Voice Misuse Checker

When you write you will undoubtedly encounter many instances where you should change passive voice to active voice in sentences. This editing process can be a real grind and could take up hours of your time. An active and passive voice checker and active to passive voice generator can definitely help you when editing written text. The following are seven reasons to use a passive voice misuse corrector when editing academic papers and other types of text:

why to use passive voice changer
  1. Proofreading and editing your own text is difficult. When proofreading your own work it is easy to overlook errors because you tend to see what you expect rather than what is actually written. Sometimes your familiarity with the text can be a drawback.
  2. You don’t always recognize passive voice. Many people may not recognize when passive voice is being used. A free passive voice checker will point out every sentence written in passive voice.
  3. You’re unsure how to fix passive voice mistakes. You may not know how to fix passive voice in an essay even if you do recognize it. A passive voice corrector will make suggestions on how to fix your text.
  4. You’re unsure when passive voice is appropriate. Using passive voice isn’t always a mistake. A free passive voice checker can inform you when using passive voice is acceptable and won’t hurt your text.
  5. Impressive speed of passive voice finder. The passive voice misuse checker can analyze your text within a minute or so and sometimes it only takes seconds. Not only will misuse be detected, but suggestions on how to improve your text will be made. This can knock hours off the time it takes to edit a paper.
  6. Tool is very easy to use. No technical skill is required to use the passive voice misuse corrector. As long as you know how to copy and paste text you can use this writing tool.
  7. Checker is highly consistent. The voice detector/corrector uses algorithms and AI to detect passive voice misuse and make suggested improvements. The possibility of human error due to being tired or for some other reason is eliminated.

The voice detector is fast and effective at picking up passive voice use as well as suggesting adjustments making it more convenient than manually proofreading papers. It detects errors with a high degree of accuracy. However, it is always suggested that you double-check your work to ensure you made the correct adjustments and that you change active to passive voice online properly.

Additional Features of Passive Voice Changer

Our tool to convert into passive voice online is much more than a passive and active voice generator and detector. There are a number of other features it provides to assist with proofreading and editing tasks. It also functions as grammar, spelling, punctuation and dictionary checker as well as examining word usage. The passive voice analyzer is also not limited to the type of text you use it on. It can analyze academic papers, essays, articles, blog posts or about any other text you choose to have it check. Changing passive voice to active voice is simple when you use our active voice to passive voice converter and consists of the following steps:

  • Copy and paste your text into the provided field. Click the button to begin the passive voice analysis.
  • Within a short time you will be provided a report that shows where passive voice has been used in your paper or other text. The report includes suggestions on how to fix passive voice misuse.
  • Make the suggested corrections to your text.

To produce clear, concise text that readers can relate to, start using our passive voice corrector and see how your writing improves!