How to Improve Your Academic Writing with a Passive Voice Fixer

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The Importance of Passive Voice

In school, we were often told not to use passive voice when writing but the truth is it does have its place and purpose. There are many rules when it comes to using voice and for less experienced writers a passive voice fixer can be very useful in sorting things out. Active voice is when the subject in a sentence acts upon its verb, while passive voice is when the subject receives the action of the verb. Active voice is generally more clear and concise so that readers can easily understand what is being said but passive voice has its place as well and serves an important purpose in some situations. Getting the voice right in writing is important as it allows you to express information in the most appropriate way to your audience. The trick is knowing when using passive voice is appropriate.

Tips on Using Passive Voice with a Passive and Active Voice Converter

Although active voice is often preferred over passive voice there are times when using passive voice is okay and even beneficial. The following are 7 tips for using passive voice correctly:

when passive voice usage is appropriate
  1. To sound more formal. In certain academic papers, the writer wants to come across as more formal in their writing. Using the active voice comes across as less formal and more like having a personal conversation. Passive voice lends a more formal tone to your paper.
  2. To come across as more objective. In some papers, it may be important to deliver information while demonstrating your objectivity. The passive voice comes across as more objective when delivering information
  3. To remain anonymous. There may be cases where you wish the subject to remain anonymous. One possible reason is to avoid placing blame. By using passive voice such as “A mistake was made” you avoid placing blame. Using active voice as in the sentences “I made a mistake” or “Bill made a mistake” assigns blame and may not be desirable.
  4. To emphasize an action. Scientific and technical writing often use passive voice in situations where the action is more important than who performed it. “Ten cc of chlorine was poured into the beaker” would be used rather than “I poured ten cc of chlorine into the beaker” because it is the action that is important, not who performed it.
  5. When the subject is already known. If the subject performing the action is already known it isn’t necessary to place the subject at the beginning of every sentence.
  6. When the subject isn’t important. There are times when the subject of a particular sentence isn’t important, just the object and the action performed.
  7. To vary sentence structure. Continual use of the active voice in writing can sometimes come across as choppy. Mixing in the occasional passive voice sentence can make your text more readable by changing things up.

To use these tips effectively you need to examine each sentence, consider your audience, what it is you want to say and how you want it to be received. Using a passive voice checker online and active passive voice converter online can be very helpful as you edit for proper passive voice usage.

Benefits of Using a Passive Voice Checker

Editing and polishing academic papers, essays and other writing to convert active to passive online is often an arduous and time-consuming task that can take hours. It is easy to overlook mistakes in your own text even for experienced writers. A passive and active voice converter is an online writing tool that can identify the voice you are using in each sentence of a paper and let you know if it is appropriate for the situation. There are numerous rules governing the use of voice in writing, many of which most people aren’t familiar with. A writing tool that tells you how to fix passive voice misuse will make the editing process both easier and faster. It will let you know if you need to convert the sentence to passive voice and how to do it. Conversely, it can also advise you on how to covert passive to active voice and inform you when that is the better option.

The voice tester and active voice to passive voice converter tool do much more than take active voice and change into passive voice online and vice versa. It performs several other editing functions as well. The passive to active voice converter also functions as spelling, grammar, punctuation and dictionary checker. In addition, it examines the tone of your text as well as word usage. The active voice changer also works on any type of writing whether it is an academic paper, blog, business letter or some other form of text. It’s an ideal editing tool as you can check grammar, check passive voice or active voice and perform most other editing tasks all at the same time.

Use Our Passive Voice Tester Now

Part of the appeal of the passive voice tester is how fast and easy it is for anyone to use. No technical expertise is required. After navigating to the site and passive voice to active voice converter tool online just perform the following steps:

how to use passive voice tester
  • Copy and paste your text into the field/editor that is provided. Click the button to begin the analyzing process.
  • Read the provided report. Within seconds you will be provided with a report that indicates errors and sentences that can be improved on. You will also be provided with suggestions on corrections to be made.
  • Make the required adjustments.

It’s that simple. Naturally, you will need to put some effort into making the necessary corrections but you will have knocked hours off the time spent editing yet have a much-improved paper with passive to active converter online.

For Whom Passive and Active Voice Fixer Is Useful?

An online passive voice fixer free tool is a comprehensive platform to detect all types of misuses related to active and passive voice in a wide range of writings such as thesis, dissertation, essays, articles, blogs, news reports, stories, novels, emails, letters, research reports, contracts, and many others. The most important people and professionals for whom our online passive voice misuse corrector free application is very useful to include:

  • Students and scholars – English is the largest language that is used as the language of instruction (LOI) in a wide range of educational institutes such as universities, colleges, and schools across the globe. All types of students, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL) can make all types of their writing free from active and passive misuses for free at any time across the globe.
  • Teachers and professors – Teachers of all levels can benefit from our active voice checker online free tool in two ways – checking students’ papers and creating presentations and papers for exams simultaneously. An online tool supports a range of writing standards, referencing styles, and other industry compliances to offer tremendous advantages to both teachers and professors in their respective writing work.
  • Journalists and correspondents – Journalists have to follow industry requirements such as faster reporting, multiple writing standards, accuracy, and others. A passive voice misuse fixer free platform can provide all those requirements instantly for no cost and around the clock to benefit from.
  • Linguists & grammaticians – Powered by the most cutting-edge technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), our online tool can help linguists and grammaticians to detect problems related to grammatical principles, structures, and other language aspects perfectly.
  • Lawyers & judges – The proceedings of the judiciary are conducted in pre-defined legal standards of drafts, deeds, and judgments. Online passive and active voice platform supports a range of writing standards used in the legal systems of major countries in the world. Lawyers and judges can check their drafts, judgments, and other documents through our high-quality passive voice fixer confidently.e.
  • Managers and executives – Our online platform is also very useful for a range of professionals such as managers, executives, engineers, administrators, and others working in numerous domains of businesses. They can check their emails, letters, business reports, presentations, contracts, agreements, invoices, and many other types of reports through one of the best passive voice corrector apps seamlessly.
  • Online content creators – A range of writers such as marketers, bloggers, web content writers, researchers, technical writers, and others that create different types of online content for posting in a web environment can use a passive voice corrector tool to make their writings perfect by removing a range of writing misuses.

Take advantage of this exceptional writing tool and use the passive voice fixer on your very next assignment to immediately see improved results.