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Professional Passive Voice Converter

What Is a Passive to Active Voice Translator?

An online tool to detect passive voice sentences and suggest the desired corrections in a piece of writing automatically with the help of predefined software-based linguistic algorithms and grammatical rules is known as a passive voice converter. The use of a passive voice checker free online tool has become a professional trend in almost all domains of writing across the industries and business domains. Making your writings more attractive and professional is the main purpose of using an online passive and active verb generator. Those active voice changer tools offer numerous capabilities such as grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, and vocabulary checking, linguistic accuracy, and much more.  Using an active verb converter provides you with numerous features and capabilities that help you make your piece of text awesome and have a great user experience. The top 3 features of an online professional-level active/passive voice changing tool should include ease in use, instant results, great reliability.

Simple & Intuitive

The simple to use and intuitive interface make a professional active to passive converter more attractive for the users. The input text-field or widget for pasting the text to check and translate sentences to passive voice should be placed in a very prominent position on the homepage of the website. Using the features of the tool should be so simple and just one click away.

Instant & Accurate

A great tool to change active voice to passive voice online should have features of great accuracy in text correction and choosing the right vocabulary and verbs. Passive to active voice changer should be instant to act even while writing some text in the text-checking field of the tool. The processing time of a copied and pasted text should be very fast with instant response to the flaws in the text.

Available & Reliable

24×7 availability of an online tool is one of the most important features. The need for a fix passive voice tool to remain online is always present because the internet does not sleep at all. To earn the reputation of reliable and trustworthy service, online passive checker tools to change passive to active should be up and available for at least 99.99% of the total time of the year.

For Whom Active Voice Checker Is Useful?

The use of passive sentences is extensively found in governmental, legal, research, corporate, and other forms of communication. Owing to the importance of those domains, the correct use of passive voice is highly needed. Using a passive checker tool is one of the best ways to make your sentences more accurate, accurate, and professional. A wide range of professionals and people working in different domains of business, industries, and sectors can benefit from changing passive to active voice. Mainly, the following people can benefit the most from it: ✓ Professors, researchers, and educationists ✓ Lawyers, judges, and complainants ✓ Corporate managers and consultants ✓ HR managers, job seekers, and employers ✓ Fiction writer, linguists, culturalists, and historians ✓ Government employees, officers, and analysts 

How to Use Active Voice Detector?

Using different types of active voice converter is very simple and easy. The online tool add a very simple way to interact with the tool and get the job done. In most cases, using a passive voice detector online tool consists of 3 steps. Let’s talk about those steps individually.

Copy and Paste Text

The first step of using an active voice changer is the copy and paste your text to the field or a widget available on the page of voice detector tool. Normally, passive to active voice generator allows a direct copy and paste option as well as an upload option to choose the desired file to upload and check for passive voice mistakes.

Errors Detection

The second step is to initiate the process of the detection of errors in the text. Normally, this process is triggered through a click of the button or with a strike of the return button on the computer. The automated process of checking the errors starts. This process of checking errors is done in the background with the help of predefined grammatical rules and software algorithms based on those rules. The detected errors are underlined in different colors.

Corrective Suggestions

The corrective suggestion is offered by the tool automatically; you need to just click the underlined word or sentence. The available options for passive voice check, correct version of the passive voice, verb, spelling, punctuation, or any other grammar-related mistakes appear in a popup window. You can read and check those suggestions for a better selection of the options.

How to Define Active and Passive Voices?

Any sentence having a subject, which directly performs the action characterized by the verb of the sentence on the object of the sentence is known as an active voice sentence. In an active voice sentence, the sequence of the parts of speech will be subject, the verb in an active form, and object. An example of an active voice sentence is given below: “I write an essay” Any sentence in which the subject is not in the active form and the object takes the position of the subject while the subject is acted upon by the verb is called a passive voice sentence. In a passive voice sentence, the subject of an active voice sentence acts as an indirect object acted upon by the verb, and the object of the sentence takes the place of the direct subject. An example of a passive voice sentence is shown below: “An essay is written by me” In the above example, you saw the form of pronoun changed from the subjective pronoun “I” to the objective pronoun “me”. This means, the direct subject “I” is now being acted upon by the verb “write” in its third form “past participle” is used.

Why Find and Convert Passive to Active Voice?

In any formal writing, the use of passive voice sentences is very common, especially in legal, research, scientific, literature, history, government, and corporate communication. Proper use of the passive voice sentences would leave an awesome impression on the readers.

The main reasons of why to find and use a passive converter tool include:

✓ Passive to active voice converter online is very fast to use and instant to access online passive checker tool ✓ A very easy and simple way to use it for free of charge ✓ Offers corrective measures to improve your writing skills and grammatical understanding ✓ A professional tool helps improve your writing quality tremendously ✓ Passive voice to active voice online converter decreases the grammatical mistakes especially the improper use of voices in the sentences ✓ Detects all punctuation and spelling mistakes to make your piece of text great ✓ Discards the possibility of any plagiarism in the text ✓ Change the voice online converter offers very reliable and accurate correction results ✓ Active to passive voice converter online also offers great availability and customer support

Manual Passive Voice Changing vs Using Passive Voice Generator

Almost, all fields and domains of industry and businesses of our day-to-day lives are highly influenced by modern technologies like the internet, websites, and telecommunication. Without the use of modern technologies, it has become so difficult to catch the pace of the competitors in the marketplace. This notion is also 100% true as far as the grammar checking of the text is concerned. The comparison of manual and online passive voice checking is given below.

Using Online Passive Voice Checker

✓ Very fast and efficient ✓ No need for any linguistic expertise at all ✓ Reduced chances of skipping of passive voice mistake ✓ Available in both free and paid versions of subscriptions ✓ Helps you improve your mistakes ✓ Easy to detect plagiarism in the text ✓ Numerous additional services such as spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism offered ✓ Offers multiple options of words to enhance your vocabulary and correct use of words

Manual Passive Voice Checking

✓ Slow and time-consuming ✓ Need expertise in linguistics ✓ Chances of missing the passive voice mistakes ✓ You need a huge fee for manual checking by professionals ✓ The turnaround time of manual service is so long ✓ You learn less in professional passive voice checking service ✓ It is not available round the clock ✓ Not possible to detect plagiarism easily ✓ The use of additional services cost you additionally ✓ You do not enhance your vocabulary as effectively

What Are Extra Benefits of Free Grammar Checker for Passive Voice?

An online grammar checker offers numerous additional benefits, which you cannot achieve through manual services by any writing services. The main reason is that online services are powered by the confluence of modern technologies and knowledge of linguistic experts. Besides, an online voice checker service helps you improve your vocabulary by using the most suitable word in the text to make it the most professional one. The main advantages offered by the online free grammar checker for passive voice sentences include:

Styling and Formatting

An online passive voice checker service also offers the services of document styling and formatting capabilities, which make your document look great.

Tone and Effectiveness Check

Online services also check for the tone and effectiveness the text leaves on the readers.

Punctuation and Spelling

An online passive voice checker also checks for the spelling and punctuation mistakes in the text and corrects them in addition to the passive voice correction.

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism checking is one of the salient additional capabilities of an online passive voice checkers to help avoid this criminal act.

Does Passive Voice to Active Voice Converter Tool Offer Great Results?

The latest study suggests that online active and passive voice converter tools play a very important role in the improvement of grammar accuracy of L2 writing in the students. A majority of the students showed trust in those online tools. It is very important to note that there is a constant need for improvement in the online tools for making the text more accurate and professional by finding out the vaguest mistakes and sentimental expressions of the content. Implementing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the online grammar checker tools is continually improving the effectiveness and accuracy of those tools. The use of AI in online passive voice checker tools are helping understand the feedback and behavior of different types of writers and implementing them into the suggestion building algorithms. Thus, the level of trust for those tools is improving significantly. The accuracy rate has also improved in the modern online tools as compared to those used a few years back. The number of users is continuously increasing in all domains of industries and sectors of education, which is a clear indicator of the great results offered by those online passive voice converter tools in the marketplace.

If you want to make your writings professional and mistake-free, use our passive to active voice converter to polish your writing skills!