Useful Resources

Check out a list of wonderful resources that can be a great help for personal, education, business purposes.

  • – a powerful directory for abbreviations, initialisms and acronyms. Large and easy to navigate search engine for hundreds and thousands of entries all added by professional editors.
  • – when it comes to searching for reliable and helpful resources and references, there is no other better this website that contains a huge amount of cool online sources.
  • – thanks to this resource it is possible to convert different units and proceed with diverse measurements in a few clicks.
  • – a huge, mighty collection of literary and movie quotes all gathered in one place and can be found super easily and fast thanks to convenient search options.
  • Tips & Tools – many-sided practical guide and collection of useful tips and tricks that may be a great addition to the list of great educational resources and websites.
  • Harvard Guide to Using Sources – if you are unsure how to use sources in academic papers, check this website and learn the best referencing standards.
  • ReadWriteThink – designed for educators and students, in this resource one may find excellent practices and resources for writing and reading.
  • – this multilingual dictionary offers immediate definitions from trusted sources. Convenient and fast way to receive a detailed explanation of any term of your interest.
  • – a great resource that provides synonyms and antonyms for different words. A fast and simple way to enrich your vocabulary.
  • – an all-around ZIP code lookup service offers reliable and accurate geographic and demographic data for personal or business purposes.
  • Towson University’s Online Writing Support – this website has covered grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, plagiarism, and more along with smart examples and exercises. 
  • UW-Madison Writer’s Handbook – developed by UW-Madison instructional materials that include tips on writing style improvement, grammar and punctuation, citing and referencing, etc.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab – serving students and teachers from across the globe, this resource contains hundreds of tips, articles and helpful sources on how to master your writing, and more.
  • Daily Grammar – an excellent teaching tool for improving your grammar skills and refreshing your knowledge of grammar, spelling, etc.
  • The Writing Center – this website presents 27 ways on how to improve your draft and tons of practical guides on making your paper stellar.
  • TIP Sheets – an online TIP Sheet system that offers quick and handy skills and strategies for students from around the world.
  • Your Dictionary – this website accumulates grammar tricks, words help, definitions and more gathered from 16 reputable resources.
  • Handouts – by checking this site, you’ll have access to handouts on active and passive voice, citation, punctuation, formatting, etc.

Check out these resources to ensure your writing is as accurate and flawless as possible!